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Bonnie Geier
But I Never Said I’d Be A Farmer! (I said, YOU Could Be a Farmer, But I Never Said I’d Be A Farmer!”) is a collection of humorous inspirational (Erma Bombeck-type) short stories as the children and I ran the farm while my husband drove to work every day. Not being mechanically inclined, I started writing down my thoughts as we went through these life-changing events.   As you can see by the chapters, the book is not so much about farming as it is about life!  
My husband had always wanted to farm. So in 1981, during the Recession, we moved to our own farm, where we lived for the next 10 years. However, in 1984 he was called back to work, which meant that the boys and I were left to run the farm – which we did for the next 7 years. 

During those ten years it became apparent that we, like so many others, could no longer afford to farm. Since then America has continued to lose many family farms. The book is a humorous reflection of the ten years we spent there. While the book is not political, I feel that it reflects the hearts and minds of many farm families, the auction sale, and the transition to town life, and a need to again re-invent themselves.

“I kept thinking of the thousands of farmers that had sold out, wondering what they were doing now – if they were happy being in town. For you see, this wasn’t just another job for them. Farming had been a part of their heart, mind, and soul. The soil, as important to them as their children, who helped every season to tame the land to hopefully get “another” crop this year to feed the world.” (Chapter 20)

I feel that the book and the music will minister to many hurting people, and perhaps bring a healing into their lives, as they remember those happy times that they had while they farmed.
While the book is funny, our transition to leave the farm starts at Chapter 20. Even when I wrote this chapter, I still thought we had a “chance to farm.”   This isn’t just our story – but many other family farms have “quietly disappeared” from the farm scene. It was during this time that I started writing gospel songs. The song, “Blessings, All My Blessings Come From You!” lyrics are in the book. It’s also on my “Blessings” CD – 10 gospel songs that I’ve written. 
While I have personally endured many challenges, I have completed an AS degree in Office Administration (1990), a BS in Business Administration/Marketing (1996), volunteered as a church organist (10 years) and soloist/keyboardist in the Pilgrim Bluegrass Gospel Band - Aberdeen (’92 to ’95), and earned my Broker Associate license as a Realtor in 2008. I am also a member of the Rapid City Women’s Network, the Garden Club, Republican Women, manager at the Airport Gift Shop 2006, and manager at the Pretzelmaker (Mpls-Maplewood Mall).   
In 2003, I published my book and produced my gospel CD - “Blessings,” and held many book signings across SD. In 2004 we moved to Rapid City, SD to enjoy the Black Hills.
My book is available by ordering it through the bookstores or The gospel CD Blessings features 10 songs, 25 minutes of upbeat gospel songs. 
I will continue to help others who have also gone through the loss of their home or farm to start a new life in a “new” home. If you would like me to give my testimony, speak to your group, or have a book signing at any of your events, please contact me! You may view my book and CD on my website.
Bonnie Geier
Rapid City, SD
(605) 593-6111
But I Never Said I’d Be A Farmer!
1) You Should Write a Book  
2) I Want to Farm
3) Your Life Will Reflect Whom You       
4) I Do
5)You’re Going to Drive the Tractor          
6) But I Never said I’d Be a Farmer!
7) So I Became a Farmer
8) Then There Were the Repairs
9). It’ll Only Take 5 Minutes
        10) We Need a Different Vehicle
11) Where Are The Men?
12) Steven, Come Home and Help Me Sheetrock!”
13) Your Cows Are Out”
14) The Day I Lost the Kids, Pickup, Steer!
15) Where’s the Beef?
16) Dad, If You Die . . . I Sell The Cows!
17) My Red Coat
18) When Do Boys Become Men?
19) Harvest Time. . . A Busy Time
20) Where Have All the Farmers Gone?
21) Mom Makes Some Changes
    22) Should We Move To Town?
    23) Moving Day
    24) Our Auction Sale
    25) Mom Decides To Go Back To College      
    26) Mom Finds Some Jobs
    27) Life in Town

Blessings CD
1)       Take Your Needs To The Lord
2)       Cast Your Burdens On Me
3)       Blessings All My Blessings
4)       The Battle Is The Lord’s
5)       Bold As A Lion
6)       He Is Hope
7)       The Blessings Of Your Glory
8)       A City Coming Down From Heaven
9)       One Step At A Time
10)   There’s Riches Untold
Words & Music – Bonnie Geier 





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